viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

Teaching with videos – The experience in Kinder is … Memorable!

Constructivists affirm that knowledge is built up in action or experience. Our teachers in Kinder allow kids to construct knowledge, think, and learn as they listen to songs, dance to the rhythm of those songs and play with realia. Besides, our teachers make use of technology to allow kids to construct understanding. Video sessions in our classrooms are part of the many activities and projects that are carried out to facilitate learning.

Videos are technological tools that “support constructivist learning [which]… employs video as an active tool that requires learners to produce information, as opposed to consume information. Learners must be active, constructive, intentional, and cooperative” (Jonassen, D.H., Peck, K. L., & Wilson, B. G., 1999).  

Some of the videos we have already seen in Kinder 4 are:

Hope you enjoy watching them as much as the little ones and their teacher enjoyed the lessons in which these videos invited them to sing, dance, imagine, interpret, and act.